We were told that only certain sections of the track were... Give Kids The World Announces Reopening Date, Chatting with Coaster Modeler Jonnie Rothfus, Lightning Rod at Dollywood Receiving New Track in 2021. Tags: hollywood rip ride rockituniversal studios. The best feature of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit may just be how cool the ride looks: the towering vertical lift, the non-inverting loop, the track bursting through the fake building, the presence out by City Walk. YouTube, 2009. Web. You reach the apex of the hill in no time at all. -hollywood rip ride rockit . Aside from the roller coaster’s unique layout, riders will be able to choose their own soundtrack for their ride, and afterwards, cut their own personalized music video of their ride. In the attraction's queue line, video monitors entertain waiting guests. When we got off the coaster the wait had increased to an hour and a half. 12 May 2016. If they had lowered the middle section (and there is plenty of room to do so) that portion of the ride would have been so much more thrilling because of an increase in speed and being closer to the guests waiting in line.