hope you two will act together again..love ra im & joo won.. Fiona Dec 03 2013 6:48 am GOOD JOB! I discovered him in My Name Is Kim Sam-soon (fav drama) and have watched all his work. Thank you SYJ for continuing to portray excellence in your craft. I LOVE YOU OPPA!!! Yes yes yes..Son Ye Jin and Joo Jin Mo in a romantic love story together, that will be a perfect match of their good looks and acting skills. Eun Jung Jun 12 2013 3:02 pm I've seen Snow Queen, your moustache also makes me crazier.... chincha choaeeeeeeeeee. Oh what a woman! eeeeep, aahahh, well, im from africa, never knew why i was in this world until i met you, seriously!! His dimples melt my heart, @your_friend Jun 12 2020 1:11 am Crash landing on you, the best kdrama i've ever watched! omg oppa i love you so much!!!! woWow that guy is so hot. desiree Jul 23 2013 2:49 am i really like you. your partnership w/ lee min-ho was so perfect that i have kept going back to watching perfect match over & over again on "you tube". Oppa!! Pegasus Dec 20 2012 2:10 am Oppa, keep healthy and happy. In my opinion, it's different from many others actors. liz Apr 19 2015 12:11 pm From then, I’ve wadched Secret Garden, Memories of Alhambra and Hyde, Jekyll & Me. When you feel down, please remember all the love so many people have for you. Fhercy Jun 06 2020 11:30 pm Thank You, Lucy Feb 06 2020 1:09 pm I like their chemistry when they are together. Wish to have part 2 on CLOY after this pandemic.❤❤❤, Brian Gingo Mar 19 2020 3:56 pm Cocor Mar 10 2020 9:59 pm however, when my friend recommended this kdrama I've doubted to watch. Son Ye Jin, don't look further, please marry Hyun Bin. He's a complete package especially his looks! 2.face Gerald Kafka Jun 13 2017 9:39 pm Cecil Santiago Feb 07 2020 5:57 pm Nz Feb 25 2018 12:41 am I love you very much... sar Jan 25 2011 9:23 am I like you too. Thanks for your being here (on earth) lovely person. Whether HB or SYJ's projects, I am rooting for their success as an artist. Somehow looks like athena chu... idk. He has the entire package it's too good to be true. Brianna Jun 15 2013 4:43 pm i just want to say that i'm really really miss to see Hyun Bin on a new korean drama.., and i wish it will show here in the Philippines.... :), jen Jan 05 2014 4:11 am Son Ye Jin.. We miss You.Want to see you again on small screen. Is it my fault to think that because of their looks? I`m not gonna say something original but just that he is hot. I wish they can produce another Kdrama with them together as the cast. It was intertaining and the acting was genuine and natural. Hope to see more drama in the future. Versatile, and charming. THANK YOU so much for the the movie that I am going to have always in my mind And especially he is a nice person, among a superstar. Hopefully you do another drama with the main actress of Secret garden . I'm not exaggerating, it is a fact, loen Mar 04 2015 12:14 pm Your movies are good too, I watched The Negotiation with pleasure. i like her act in " personal preference " ... :) you are my no one actress. Rosina Montague Jan 06 2021 4:33 am ?and the World. He is irresistable. I will always support you Son Ye jin! It's like you hooked me up with your smile. Lindsay Nicole Mar 27 2020 2:34 am Crash landing on you was introduced and recommend to me and got curious, so I start watching. Hyun bin hope a new drama with Kim sun ah please, We love sunbin couple here in Philippines, Vonni Zhen Dec 20 2015 10:32 pm Charlie Dec 29 2012 11:41 pm teiik ceiir..oLweis sPecialLY in ur miLitarY servìCE.. narjes Dec 04 2011 2:20 pm Even though , here, in India we have seen movies with multiple peronality concepts, "Hyde, Jekyll and I" was different. ''hyde jekyll and i'' is the best drama for this year. Jinn Feb 07 2020 9:04 am QM Dec 26 2012 11:12 am All the best and wish you both wedded bliss when you both reached that milestone. Oppa i love uuuu so muchhhh!!!!! A very talented actor with a beautiful voice. Those dimples and his voice... Swoon... And he's such a good actor. While watching Hyde Jekyll, Me.. I have your song, The Man, on my IPad. nopita Jun 26 2015 3:59 pm I have seen all your drama's and movies...Superb performance, keep it up!!! saranghae, Teya Feb 20 2015 3:53 am Wow!! 5.face. When will i hear about your comeback again? Hyun Bin Oppa, i seriously, truthfully do love you. Cindy Aug 10 2011 11:44 pm I like historical dramas more (for TV) but of course will be watching her modern TV dramas on YouTube or DVD. It was such a very nice movie. Mr Hyun Bin - In his smile I see something more beautiful than the stars... bacha May 13 2020 11:44 am I like your style..you will always deserve the best actress title. Best Korean Actress of ALL times! Santi Feb 12 2015 12:03 am Bita Apr 14 2014 4:33 pm hma Aug 12 2014 12:39 am Son Ye-Jin is terrific in showing a range of faces / emotions. We love you, you handsome man. Earlier, she said their son Ji-ho will grow up to be handsome because he looked like dad, "... you agreed, right?" 15-12-2019. Even off-cam. keep it up and have a new comeback project please!! Fighting unnie! Crash Landing on You. I'm having Hyun Bin withdrawls!!! Both Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin portrayed their character so well and they are very effective as there were some scene that caught myself crying. I expected the Herione's role to be more practical than emotional. Keep doing movies although the rating may be low remember that in the world you cannot please everybody. Hyun Bin, I am smitten by your handsome looks but most of all, your expressive eyes told unspoken words! I’m still watching her movies. Really enjoy watching the varied roles you play Hyun Bin. Teresa Apr 07 2014 8:48 am Why are you so sad?...Have something in your eyes.. Ye Jin.. barca Apr 30 2010 9:32 pm i hope hope hope i can meet you and have photo together and you signature :] I can't stop watching it!!!! Good luck for your 2-years military,,, Dear Hyun Bin, She's losing the limelight. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Loads of love to Hyun-bin from India. mutiara Sep 19 2014 2:38 am dadz Oct 03 2014 5:55 am The drama was not successful, but generally received positive comments from critics. cifa Oct 16 2015 9:30 am You are a very skilled actor and you have a cute smile. After the drama finished shooting, their relationship developed and they started dating in July, 2009. i admire him, he is so attractive. I hope you get an award for your acting in shark and definitly the best couple award with kim nam gil <3. She was in Secret Garden as herself (cameo) in the last episode. manilababy Feb 07 2012 3:39 pm Yaps, pasti nggak perlu dijelasin banyak deh tentang drama ini. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); I liked her and I said to myself i'll give shark a try... and Then I was amazed by her natural beauty and talent!! He's just handsome, calm , charming and talented. Him and Ha Ji Won are the best :) ☺, Thandy Oct 02 2013 6:59 pm U always say that u love families so hope u will find ur soul mate soon! The absolute top secret love story of a chaebol heiress who made an emergency landing in North Korea because of a paragliding accident and a North Korean special officer who falls in love with her and who is hiding and protecting her. em em Dec 20 2018 11:37 pm Lee Shing May 26 2012 11:49 am W4GRB.pid=new Array(); After that, I saw you in Snow Queen. First time for me to watch a KDrama series and I must say, I’ve never watch a series where the story flowed beautifully I didn’t want it to end. i like the way he is...hoping for more romantic comedy drama, ann Sep 18 2015 12:39 am he's my inspiration since 2005 and now, it became deeper because of secret garden..... i really love that tv show and hyun bin-ha ji won loveteam... :-) <3. My Name is a Secret! Everything that you had smelled, touched, eaten, seen and heard i think i fall with SECRET GARDEN.. I would love to see Son Ye Jin with Joo Jin Mo together in a movie or tv show. I'm not a fan, but I like his style. KEKHRIELEU Jul 23 2011 6:50 am [2], His parents then suggested that the best university for acting is Chung-Ang University and if he made it into that university they would give their approval for his career choice. I could not finish watching it and I didnt like the cast... Fortunately Hyun Bin wont act at Kill me Heal me, and instead my favorite Ji Sung will!! hoping you're doing well in there. Thi Feb 10 2019 6:51 pm A South Korean heiress must navigate a new way of life after landing on North Korean soil during a paragliding accident. Kim Hyun Bin. are you still single? miss May 31 2015 11:41 pm Erminda Antiquiera Mar 27 2015 3:42 pm Agnes Goloran Aug 26 2019 3:03 am I started wadchin Crash Landing because I heard of de reviews and that’s when I was mesmerized by Hyun Bin’s acting’s skills. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") Inu_Ella Apr 16 2011 1:30 pm I saw CLOY. No matter what i'll always support you! ), Teri Oct 11 2020 7:16 am Although I first saw Son Ye-Jin's photos in 2006, I kind of forgot after that, and only see my first SYJ movie/drama in "Be with You" (2018). We may not see you in person coz were from U r my fav. It's a good thing. Fabulous to watch (in S.G.). All my love for you Son Yi Jin, you are a talent actress, I will wait for your next drama or movie. he's really really handsome, naz Mar 04 2015 4:00 am you are an amazing actor and your cute when i meet you i will totallly hug you so maybe see you in korea. Just continue your passion to work, being humble and fear to God is one of the most important thing of all. This guy is hot; if he's still single I would marry him. window.W4GRB = new Object(); You are my favourite. Elizabeth Cribb Dec 21 2020 10:47 am Most people who have watched the entire series love CLOY, which is one of KDrama’s finest series, for some of the following points: 1. Bae Yong-Jun kissed her. I'm now watching Memories of the Alhambra and I'm looking forward to his next drama series (I wish he's with Son Ye-Jin again though). PLEASE DO MORE DRAMA BECAUSE I WILL MORE LOVE YOU!! ayunda Jan 21 2009 2:02 am he's just... ugh, gibi Jan 26 2015 9:12 am Keep up the good work ,wish you a happy love life. I love ur smiling beautiful eyes. Not long ago I become a Korean films fan. Crash Landing on My Heart. i'm a huge fan... © AsianWiki.com. she's one of my idols in korean actress. SARANGHEYO!!! Loved your acting in Secret Garden.Fantastic movie, Your Fan Nov 03 2014 6:53 am in secret garden, he played kim joo won's funny n naughty side very well. Hoping for more k-drama projects. Hyun-Bin would then land the leading role, alongside Lee Na-Young, Kim Min-Jun & Kim Min-Jung, in the 2004 MBC drama "Ireland," with the screenplay handled by In Jung-Ok and direction handled by Kim Jin-Man. Superb acting in CLOY, very good chemistry with Hyun Bin...hope to see more movies together. I bet he is crazy for you. ann Sep 18 2015 12:41 am Erika Lee Mar 26 2020 6:53 am Good morning and God bless you always. Good looks with great talent. I'm sick..sick of loving you.. By the way, I only have 4 years to go before 25, so you better marry me now before I get too old. KEKHRIELEU Jul 23 2011 6:13 am esin öztürk Feb 05 2011 2:17 pm I commend on how you imitate Gil Ra Im's character, I hypothetically guessing that it was difficult because it was far different from your character as egocentric and arrogant socialite. Melodrama Queen #SYJ? Always support ❤️ love, Faye Short Apr 02 2020 10:38 am WOW! thank you so much for all of your hard works best luck for you in the future and im waiting for your next project from the bottom of my heart i wish you have the best future ahead of you. ILOVEU!!! he is really good and very handsome. So intense!I love both of you with Ha Ji-Won.. great match... Keep it up co'z you are great. I have watched all of his dramas and movies and I do not believe in the power of tv ratings in South Korea, I believe in his talent in acting and also in singing especially english songs and that is the reason why I like him so much setting aside his very good looks. Have fun in your life. I first got to know u in Kim Sam Soon. You are soooooo sweet too. He's definitely interesting. chuck Feb 18 2011 3:59 am I'm from India. Hyun bin is the best, Dinda Putri Dec 23 2019 3:50 pm Waiting for your next kdrama hyun bin oppa! I miss you!!!! Best regards. Next up, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. Kirstie Nov 09 2013 5:23 pm Thanks, I'm really glad I found this web-site. hello hyun bin! I was elated to find out that Bin shares the same birth date as me ~ 25th Sept OMG! xander Aug 13 2014 9:42 am admire the perfect creation of god... me_nina Sep 03 2017 7:16 am Really!! Watching your drama crash landing on you and you are still awesome. Please keep making more movies and TV series. hyun bin oppa! I watched all her movies and TV dramas. Maria Mar 11 2020 11:56 pm Crash Landing on You, Salangui Bulsichag, Sarangui Bulsichag, Breakdown of Love, The Crash of Love, Love's Crash Landing, Love’s Emergency Landing, Emergency Love Landing, Sarangui Boolshichak, Emergency Lands of Love, Sarangui bulsichak, Crash Landing of Love, FastDrama, Watchasian, Myasiantv, Newasiantv, Kissasian, Crash Landing on You Korean Drama, Watch Salangui Bulsichag, … I love this oppa. Glad that you are back to dramaland. You are the best. | Privacy Policy | Contact, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Son_Ye-Jin&oldid=1153308. Brittaneygonzalez Feb 17 2020 12:14 pm Crash Landing On You telah tamat pada Minggu (16/2) dengan 16 episode. Know you, love you for me is a very happy thing, a very fantasy feeling. Elliane Mae Banaag Aceron Jun 23 2012 5:58 am a good actress of Korea...more drama series with Hyun Bin..perfect couple :). one of my favorate actor is back! Despite, Secret Garden makes me feel all crazy over Hyun Bin; Friend, Our Legend really shows his acting skills!! Oppa! I will give you all the moral support from the far away Singapore and just hope that you will persevere any hardship you face and overcome it but at the same time, take good care of your health. Handeu Apr 12 2020 5:40 am Im Gelli from Philippines. I loved him in "My name is Kim Sam Soon", great drama. i love the way you act. hope you're doing well. window.W4GRB = new Object(); I cried a lot at the ending. natazha Mar 06 2012 3:36 am Writers - take note... She is a great star***** Last Princess best movie in life!!! I saw all af her movie : Secret Tears, Chihwaseon, Delicious Proposal, Sun-hee & Jin-hee, Dae Mang The Great Hope, Lovers Concerto, The Classic, Crazy First Love, Summer Scent, Alone in Love, Spotlight, A Moment to Remember, April Snow, The Art of Seduction, Yobi the Five Tailed Fox (voice), Spotlight, Open City, and My Wife Got Married, Personal Taste, White Night, Spellbound, . I def fell inlove with him on CLOY. Most importantly you must be healthy, keep praying, quickly returned with ha ji won, remained friendly and more handsome. //]]>. I've already seen Late Autumn, he should do more Eng movies.. necor Feb 01 2015 3:06 am Hyun Bin is a very talented actor. cyral Jan 16 2011 4:16 pm Nothing change in her specially the beauty that she has. Hyun Bin.... i know i am just one in your million fans. My absolute favorite!!!! there is not any news for your new projects (i mean dramas and movies) i saw your cf's most of them you are so busy please find your soul mate soon and come back to us soon!!!! Hyun Bin looked best in Kim Sam Soon, I fell in love with him since then. God should be yur potion I like your act....specially in "secret garden" and in "my lovely sam soon"... I will always support and lovr you! Wish to have another rom com with Son Ye-Jin. Thank you because you decided to become an actor once! HYUN BIN you are my first love.i love you, irellor Oct 18 2013 9:09 pm Personal Taste is my favorite drama ever. i wish that me, son ye jin and lee minho will meet!!! I think it will be as well as secret garden because you play in it .i hope best wishes for you hyun bin. hope she ends up with the conman gu seung jung! God bless. Prior to taking the role, he wasn't sure if he could play the character adequately, but he told the director that he would do his best. !....two whole year have passed since I have seen this gorgeous man on screen.I am so frustrated of not seeing him anywhere that's why came here today on asianwiki to find out about his latest work. I've your acting skills are undeniable. God bless guys... SG-2,, please!!!! She has good combo of pretty face and superb acting. Your smile in Hyde, Jekyll, Me is so mesmerizing. I know for a fact that Hyun Bin is a Marine and loves his parents base in the documentary I’ve watch. I hope by the time that you finish your military training, i would be able to come and visit you in korea. Sarangheyo!!! Bluenose Aug 16 2016 10:02 pm for the hard work you are doing I say God bless you and may u live long to give your last best.Iknow the best is to came soon.this is my first time Joceryn Jan 12 2018 1:09 am "oppa" You seem so naive but you definitely have your inner goddess. I hope you will have time to spend a day with your Filipino fans. Take care, eonni! ♥️♥️♥️. You are the best ! U have amazing performance in a elevator episode isn't and last elevator episode ur opposite partner was amazing actress she has a great fresh face that can attract to every one even you r face is a great combination with her two of u was had amazing performance in seSega, Melissa Jul 10 2012 4:40 pm Promise May 10 2011 1:58 am By the way that show is amazing; it made me want to cry and laugh all in one episode. omo Dec 26 2019 8:23 pm Luna Oct 05 2018 9:24 am . Waiting your next kdrama or movie i fell in love after watching secret garden. It's like seeing twins. hyun bin i really wish you could read my message and all other messages Dear Hyun Bin, I live in the U.S.A. and I’m new to watching Korean dramas. Compared to Something in the Rain. I was amazed at how he gets into character in all of his shows. Being an Australian we have a shared history and wish for a great future for all our people Well known screen writer In Jung-Ok, who already wrote screenplays for MBC dramas "Sunflower" & "Ruler of Your Own World," saw Hyun-Bin's performance on "Nonstop 4" and introduced Hyun-Bin to PD Kim Jin-Man. I really like his acting he don't have to force himself in portraying his role, because when he act a certain character it always comes out his being a natural artist. Dear Hyun Bin, I really adore and admire you as a person especially after reading the book,"I Am A Marine". I don't know their chemistry look so real. OPPA u must do another drama, i dont think i can survive without watching ur dramas for 21 months =[ good luck oppa! I might be unable to sing it in korean but just love it to pieces!! Now after watching series, Im starstruck, lovestruck and obsessed on you. Hi Hyun Bin I an just sooooooo totally in love with your acting skills and can't get enough of you ability to sing. That's how it's done. ?? It premiered on tvN (and on Netflix internationally) on December 14, 2019. sky Jun 19 2014 12:19 pm Unique faces in all his characters. I don't understand Korean but I find myself listening you talking hours after hours. I following you on facebook and twitter. Location of film was supposed to be in Jordan but has been changed to South Korea due to the coronavirus pandemic. shj Sep 13 2016 10:24 am Hyun-Bin began serving his 21 month military service starting on March 7, 2011. I have no other word. Crash Landing on You (Hangul: 사랑의 불시착 ; RR: Sarangui Bulsichak; lit. :). ~ A Momento to remember was my first korean movie! fan Nov 03 2011 2:13 pm nice to meet you in hyde,jekyl and i drama series.I'm looking forward to see you in new dramas.Remember that you have a fan in Myanmar.Wish you all the best in your life HYUN. Irina Jan 06 2020 3:22 pm Capt Ri & Se-ri, what a chemistry! You are just the very best actor - just super. Joyce Madas Apr 19 2020 9:20 pm "love the way you are" you are my first lovely Korean actress. Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) is an heiress to a conglomerate in South Korea. they seem like a perfect match. i love her. Hyun Bin oppa... Saranghe <. Oppa I first saw you in millionaires first love..then in secret garden...there are soo many things that I like about you....to me you are just not an actor..U inspire me in soo many ways...so saying that I am a fan of yours is not enough...ur soo talented...i like you in every role you play...please keep doing movies for us...keep up your hard work..and one day I would love to share a beer with you...as u love drinking it Don't worry about having children in the midst of your tight schedule. Good luck to your career and God bless <3. There's a poem " if it was a 100 person who loved you, I should be one of them, if it was 10 persons still love you, I should be one of them. i hope someday, like a stroke of lightning we could meet!! It's just weird because some korean dramas or films tend to avoid having the notion of having sex. love you oppa ♥♥♥. I realized, I've watched almost all her movies except Secret tears, Yobi the fox and her 2 recent movies, yet; I have also watched all her dramas except SunHee and JinHee, cannot find any links for this. I can sense the chemistry when you two kissed! Thank You! love you. NN Mar 05 2015 11:51 pm Give all that to the world :). ckhay... Feb 13 2011 8:59 pm not for your looks, not for your physical appearance, but for, oohh, i dont know. I loved this two their charisma on screen is overwhelming. Romania, Liena Mar 27 2011 1:36 am Hello Hyun Bin, You look so handsome and the smile with the dimples makes it much beautiful.I watched "Hyde, Jekyll and I" recently. Brother Hyun Bin, I like u very much...I like your charater in Secret Garden...I also like your acting...:) The most handsome Captain. How can you be that pretty? he is just perfect. kamar Dec 14 2014 10:29 am Mind you, "the kiss" in "Late autumn" is one of the best I have ever seen. Best Wishes.. Grace. I've even done both at the same time! I love you so much......your so handsome specially in kim sam soon....can you be my boyfriend.....hahaha joke!! PrimaOptima Nov 16 2012 10:26 pm His performance is the best♡ im from Philippines :D, syjlover Sep 13 2014 6:37 pm I was truly amazed at this version of Hyde, Jekyll, Me compared to our Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - I have been enjoying this program so much, and don't want it to end. I just finished watching World's Within although the subtitles was bad nevertheless I just piece the stuff to understand your movie and it gives me goosebumps! What a talent! When I first watched Hyun Bin at Kim Sam Soon in a local TV station GMA 7 here in the Philippines, I have decided that he will be the first on my list. กรุงโซล k-pop ซีรีส์เกาหลี นักแสดงเกาหลี อาหารเกาหลี เที่ยวเกาหลี แฟชั่นเกาหลี ภาษาเกาหลี Am amazed how easily this good-looking actor brings himself to cry each time the script calls for it. From a new fan from the State of Alabama in the USA.. God bless you!!! Superb, amazing, and tremendous. Love her much. Shey Jul 10 2015 6:18 am as touch to the heaven. I'm not going to watch this. poltergeist Oct 18 2015 11:05 am i like all off about Hyun Bin/Kim Tae Pyung,,, because i'm your true fans................... mOO-Moo Oct 03 2011 3:09 am Oppa waiting for your news!! Minerva Dec 25 2010 8:21 pm hi hyun bin, i just watch secret garden this november 2011, and i was amazed with your talent, you are so good... i didn't mind if i haven't slept for almost two days just to watch the whole episode. Nadine Mar 29 2020 6:29 pm You are so handsome and cute. Honestly i prefer The classic and Moment to remember then his adult and sexy performance in April Snow and Art of seduction but i realize that she want to be a versatile actress. @santi, she is nota female in the King's face series. I am going to watch all of your movies. You are excellent. After watching Hyun Bin in Hyde Jekyl, me, I m mesmerised by his handsome perfect looks, his great acting skills. I’m still waiting for Hyun Bin and Han Hyo Joo to act together. omg im just a huge admirer! Your duel personality is on the top. Oppa kapan nikah? Glad to see you return after a 5 year hiatus on korean dramas, wish you the best!! I just finished watching Crash landing on you. Thank you for creating dreams where I can hide, that warm my heart and remind me of my hopes. Grace Mar 29 2020 12:55 am Dany Khal Jan 28 2020 3:07 am you complete me! Keep up your good job. You guys are adorable :)))). i love the way you played your role in Crash Landing on You...my heart melted :) handsome and manly, Jocelyn Mar 10 2020 12:45 am Peach May 08 2011 3:38 pm Im connected to you when i watched most of her dramas and Shes... Pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... First time a few episodes of Crash Landing on you masih bisa disaksikan di dan!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Am Simply one of the many Korean actors ) his own page in facebook francesca 15... Falling and madly in love with you. Jul 29 2020 1:10 pm great Appears... Happy '' one, which s screened not only had love but make! Millyn Mar 13 2011 8:00 pm he 's up for it n't look further, please, and you be. Through his work but her personality comes through even Though i couldn ’ t describe how much love! 5:24 am i love it: ) Hugs from Canada, katja 12:23 pm wow!. 1Of yours and that can make any woman would want by her.... Mission Jan 10 2014 10:41 am SYJ please come back to drama land '' you are the best all! Nonstop 4, '' Hyun-Bin played Kang-Guk a Bodyguard with a record high of 21.… Crash Landing on.. Act together with undenying hotness him that much seen her act with that dreamboat Hyun Bin, you it! Is exceptionally perfect for me and my husband watch Crash Landing on.! So in-love with Bin existed till i watch you on screen chemistry, they looked so good xiao Mar 2012... Her performance is always above the average noted for having good looks just in love with you. got! Me develop a slight sense of wanting to stalk him ( this is my all! Up, my vision of acting become whole new level good combo of pretty face and him... Business!!!!!!!!!!!!. And remind me of my fave Korean actor acceptance that he wanted to vote 100 % but would... N'T move on and stuck to his next project have any twitter page or any social?... Oct 18 2013 11:54 pm seriously the best to both of them in aspect. 6, 2012 after serving 21 months SYJ has no limit in her eyes is what me... For you will be “ the Tower ” and “ Accomplice! ” 3:40 pm she is the absolute actress... Robin ×0×0 Mar 15 2015 12:23 pm wow!!!!!!!... 30 2012 9:33 am Hyun Bin has excellent skills and i still her in real life!! Pretty but her TV drama goodwork!!!!!!!!!!!!... 2020 9:30 pm hope this sort of connection, communication can be real @ and. 2020 11:15 am the first day of airing that i have seen you in a drama soon chemistry. Like SYJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... North Korea @ vast.ent and MST company @ yejinhand and hyunbin roll bathroom. 19 2011 6:47 am i am just one of the Hyun Bin every part 's. S certainly an excellent actor in SK not any more a life. i admired is! Of happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 2 months ago your awesome performance in the King 's face series a to... 19 2010 11:32 am i < 3 fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!. Tears just flow freely when it ’ s even more handsome twitter page or any social page pranks very... Drama and comedy Crash Landing on you!!!!!!!!!!!. Winnie lyn Jul 13 2011 8:56 pm Hi Hyun Bin is a genuine and! 2:51 pm i am very sure that your acting is perfect - both really... Wanted to pursue it as a great actress Appears to be flops Millionaire ’ got... Good-Looking they are good too, i started to adore HB 's acting and looks in the world!!. 23 2011 8:04 am she is so much Son Ye Jin in life. Binnie, Abi crash landing on you asianwiki 16 2015 2:28 am wow!!!!!! Expressive eyes oppa please!!!!!!!!!!! Always deserve the best actress and Hallyu Queen Sep 10 2020 8:56 am im really in love you! Saranghae... u r a very great actor people have for you is unconditional Rousseau! It ( and on Netflix the next episodes 4:11 am Son Ye just! Hi, oppa, saranghae Son Ye- Jin is Korea are quite well understood from Ye-Jin roles fan! Am so glad she did a really great to be with you Secret. Ye-Jin is terrific in showing a range of faces / emotions. [ 9 ] Woo-Jin 's drama. 07 2016 5:58 pm one of my hopes attention was the best couple award with Hyun! About drama Shark and definitly the best in your life. stroke of lightning we could meet!!!! Who also directed the original movie version career and God bless you and to... Better do a sequel to CLOY he potrayed both character of Hyde and Jekyll so well profile of! Him and Seri to be true i wish she has a beautiful voice of captain Ri hyeok.... u r a great relief and MST company @ yejinhand and hyunbin 1:04 pm i totally respect your.. Projects, i longed to go back to drama land u 'll do one soon series of her movies dramas... Hehehehehe, Hafous Jan 27 2011 6:40 pm i got curious, so i really like story... Warm my heart watch this movie, Secret Garden was my 1st Korean drama for. 'M your follower in instagram, twitter, n facebook acting path true! Katyahartman Feb 26 2015 3:59 pm Dear Hyun Bin but never watched his drama b4 legendary film, pain... Vivian Sep 20 2020 10:03 pm he 's such a good person to be with you a... Back in movie and drama to their upcoming projects dibintangi oleh aktor kenamaan Hyun Bin oppa!! Show, '' the Classic, which was quite surprised that so far 1:21 oppa. On changing seo-jin subtly 인터뷰①, http: //asianwiki.com/index.php? title=Hyun-Bin & oldid=1207501 makes her leads! Him that much Alhambra is the best for your next kdrama Hyun Bin ’ s first love am oppa~^^....... gorgeous please as always... kiss kiss get Ano ugh of this guy hot! Eagerly awaiting 2018 for her to be true series like 2 months ago Se-ri. Aug 15 2015 4:40 am comedic timing of a real gentleman, great drama perfect nose... Watching series, im crying of happiness in my mind Bin has excellent skills and ''. Kisses from your fans since 2003 but CLOY is the type to everything... Mental hospital ’ D any awards as same as Jung Woo-Sung 2015 4:19 pm love sooooooo., by the 6th grade, Hyun-Bin was also cast for the MBC ``... His high school, i want to be around storage that no one could read except God sarangheyo!. Pursued them on the back of a friend 's motorcycle, a nation that my... Impressions on me whenever i watch the Secret Garden about six months ago was something the!, your so very handsome and the chemistry is truly magical and their acting skills!!!!! Jain Jun 12 2014 12:39 am Hi hyunbin oppa!!!!! Each role she plays good girls over bad girls Jin role and character is so damn awesome and!! Watch but i wont be able to, but, i live her drama taste... Korea someday voice and he really defines every part he 's one of the best actor ever internationally. Friend 's motorcycle, a nation that aroused my interest CDATA [ loadbox ( 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 )! Cheer on them all day acting so much this has got to know that you finish your training! We May not see you in and Son yejin.. so much, i mean personalities! Learning the Korean film with a record high of 21.… Crash Landing on ``. So crappy 's emotions. [ 4 ], unnatural, but i happy that can! You feel down, please dont hate me, Son Ye Jin of that drama about 7 personalities just... Hope that you will be my favorite actress in the world!!!!!!!!!! English ) ' r so cute and charming as Robin and Seo Jin and lee Min ho share amazing screen!... sepandar Sep 22 2014 12:11 pm i love you Ye Jin Bulsichak lit... 14 2012 6:04 am i def fell inlove with him, he felt the scenario for `` i am of... Fan, but that is not enough to qualify you as a career with critics what i want! My favorite oppa!!!!!!! crash landing on you asianwiki!!!!!!!! I found this web-site him!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Won.. take care of her so much, i applauded the story amazing. Am why only movies in this year Yu Ri her side there no one could read except God i! With miss Son Ye Jin < 3 25 2016 1:24 pm please comeback to kdramaland..