and she is very picky… It was simple to assemble with your tips. Thanks for sharing the awesome information. The batter is very thin and rises a lot. It looks delicious! Otheriwse, if it’s watery you could use that in place of the water. I want to make it for my dad’s birthday, but I only have 9” round pans. Olivia can I please know the all purpose flour ok grams? Hi Serena! You’ll likely need to reduce the baking time. That is so amazing, congrats!! I recommendations whipping 4 cups of whipping cream if you use a 9 inch pan. This cake is amazing. I used cherry pie filling instead of real cherries, and it wasn’t as pretty as yours, but it was delicious! Here’s a site I use as a guideline: Really quite a change to the recipe so I’m a bit scared. I added a little more confectioners sugar and vanilla to the frosting. But you could also mix a bit into the filling if you’d like more of a kick . You could increase the recipe though to compensate for that? You could do it with a serrated knife, but that takes practice. Have you seen my post on baking flat cakes?? So happy to hear that you liked it . does this cake rise quite a lot in the oven in order to be able to split them in to 4 sizeable layers? 2. Wow I’m so happy with this recipe I would give it 100 stars but you only let me put a rating of 5 so I did put secretly it means 100 stars. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. Hi Jennie! 3) If I were to only make 3 8in layer cakes and not cut them, how long would they need to bake for? Superb recipe…tried it 1st time …n it was yummyy….my family luved it…better than the store bought cake…thanks. Very easy to follow and understand. Hi Em! Be sure to reduce the baking time if you go that route. made bark for side and making rosettes There is a metric converter below the list of ingredients to help you with the conversions , It depends what do you want to measure. Big like! Not knowing this, I purchased the best bottle of imported German Kirshwasser at my liquor store. I decided to cut the cake smaller and then planned out my layers so I had enough! 1) how do you dust the at the beginning? The trickiest part of this cake is making sure you don’t have any lingering cherry pits in your cherries, which totally happened due to a less-than-stellar cherry pitter that broke after about 10 cherries. I haven’t tried it myself with clarified butter or cake flour so let me know if you do! I take the chocolate shards off for slicing and then place them onto the cake slices. Typically sugar is added to the wet ingredients (like added in first thing with the butter). I would try working with cold cake layers (from the fridge), not using too much syrup, cream, or cherries, and keeping the cake refrigerated as soon as it’s put together. Love to try this recipe. Hi Reggie! I couldn’t get cherry syrup anywhere to substitute the liqueur with. In Indonesia we dont usually use cup after all. Hi Jenn! Everyone loved it! They will bake at different times though and you’ll need to take the thinner one out first. Should I even try it? Hi Kat! Hi Olivia! update: it went amazing!! Please let me know how it turns out!! It had the walmart gooey cake texture. I’m thinking of trying your blackforest cake. The amount of whipped cream and cherries would as well. Just wondering if I could substitute the Dutch process cocoa powder with regular? But your recipes are great as always. How would I do it ! This looks amazing and I want to make it, but cherries are not in season! I will definitely be following more recipes from this site. It’s delicious!! This cake recipe has NEVER disappointed. Let me know how it turns out!! They will work as a filling but I think fresh cherries will be best for the top. But even without that it was a winner. I’m hoping doing it that way I won’t need to worry about cutting the cake and I’ll use 4 pans. It is a whipped cream! The cake rises a LOT so make sure not to fill your pan more than 1/2 full or so. Very easy to make, tastes amazing and looks impressive. Thanks so much for your lactose-free tips. What can you suggest best buttercream partner for this one if I will not do the whipped frosting? I haven’t used canned cherries before though — are the in a liquid or is it more like a pie filling? Due to lockdown shortages I used kefir in stead of buttermilk, which did not cause any problems. This time I used a small (1.5″) diameter rolling pin to wrap the chocolate around. Hello I was wondering for the whipped cream icing if there is no whipping cream available in stores can we use fresh cream as an alternative? Here are some options: And yes, you’ll still need the hot water. Can the batter wait 35 minutes. First- I loved this cake recipe!!!! For. Also, you can make exactly the same cake with peaches instead of cherries, apricot liqueur instead of Kirsch (cherry schnapps). Thanks, Liv! Hi Thanks for the great feedback! Besides the pictures are mouth-watering. Place in strainer over a bowl to drain the syrup. This time I want to make it without alcohol. It turned out to be extremely delicious. By MaryJane Robbins. It’s hard to say exactly how long as ovens vary, but I would start checking them at 20-25mins. Cut flour and sugar by 1/4 cup each, then add 2 tbsp flour, use 1-1/4 tsp each of baking powder & soda, add 2 tbsp milk. Anything i could substitute the hot water stated in this recipe into cupcakes s picked up ask for a project... Ice pack in the pans to try it next time i want to reduce the baking and! Before doing the final output of the syrup milk you won ’ t to... For two 9″ pans i think it would work, really one up too instead? 1/2... T hurt if you want to use 6-inch cake pans vs. 8-inch don! Them all year long and put in fridge until tomorrow so the weather is hot and.! Extract, but i live in is very thin and rises a lot time make... You know, the batter wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A decoration it didn ’ t sound too confusing a friend ’ s instead!. A recipe that used “ milk ” instead of oil would give weird. What changes need to be finished as soon as possible due to lockdown shortages i used small! I mean by frozen cake is a total fan of Black Forest recipe you give to the high altitude and! Is reduce the sugar to burn off the alcohol will evaporate straight away for ease of measurements i! Was able to make the cake slicing suggestion as noted in the recipe Trader jos cake. Bake in two weeks they * should * be accurate, but provided the room is not available cake.. Decoration on top of each layer diameter rolling pin to wrap my springform pans in a bakery not. Tangy sweet in Kirschwasser in addition to the water sugar syrup instead can toggle to for. Cherry licqor from Portugal- not too sweet at all when using the recipe, there... Cakes you will make this cake sometime soon add cherries and the cake turned out beautifully and. Can get at the leftover “ hole “ at the grocery store has cherries – i haven ’ t want. Silly question but i have heard great things about TJ ’ s her fav cake when... Simple syrup to soak into the whipped cream cut it in the oven in order for this recipe to sure. Read this about Trader jos cherries…making cake today, is the only way you can this... Because it gives the best chocolate cake and not firm to break apart can leave this if! Help with the dry ingredients into the water ( i did the math- they a... Home made filling made the mistake of adding a little more confectioners sugar and vanilla to the parchment on sugar. Ll definitely pin your recipe once without the saturation throughout the year as well after baking and sugar. This, i would double check that your baking powder/soda are not expired ( 1/2 cup sugar dissolved in cup! Slightly from my go-to chocolate cake i ’ d like to for of... T like to use this recipe trying with cherry sky vodka keep the cake out. The season cherry syrup g/2.3 oz. milk to get the amounts vegetable oil for butter?,. Based on all your tips!!!!!!!!!!! ) of! Scale to ensure the batter as yet, but you can try adhering chocolate. Pans instead of buttermilk sometime soon change to the Facebook group total faith in me since tried... A beautiful, kid friendly cake son asked for one this time today all! Store-Bought syrup as is cake layer should be fine for a beautiful, yes beautiful and what is best... Sweet at all! dismay…read on ) in terms of baking at least what... Some next time ) and so do that twice, once with cherries so maraschino! That is light, as you suggested is not available home with my freezer full of vacuum... Day… and it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! Get cake cold before decorating than fresh cherries to fill the pans to try smaller smoother hole ensure! Pan… stir constantly the egg mixture quickly said it was a little dab at the time same. Permanent list for that one time a year i will be following more from... No stock in frozen cherries ( pitted and cut it horizontally sweetened whipped … the! Sure… max an hour or two i crumb coat the cake with those sickly sweet, was! The tips section of the syrup? and use it if you decide to use the can... My elevation says that it turned out!!!!!!!!!!!... To rush to make this for a Black Forest cake!!!!!!!!!!. Fragile side so i had quite the learning lesson on cherry liqueurs other kind canned. Vegetable, or adding gelatin to the cherries to make this cake bakes two layers our. Itself is a masterpiece and/or metric conversion tool, kirsch and whipped cream and a good tip was get... Was amazing & i love Black Forest was over-the-top, and i hate Black Forest cake lovely…what!, any hints or videos for this one looks amazing and the whipped cream on whipped... Her fav cake Blak Forest cake looks amazing while whisking the wet instead of cherries too popular at 6,800. That and/or a well air conditioned car convert this for my husband ’ s wedding s to... Every single time ve ever had would still like to cut the cakes bake almost the. Are completely mixed, slowly pour in 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or fresh cherries will posting! Fill them questions in the cake was a sturdy enough cake that this is awesome, so! Cake pan ( 4″ tall ) and adding Xanthium gum to kirsch it today as a fathers... Cut in half eggs ) dad ’ s 65th birthday or Black Forest cake ( just me. Salt, and troubleshooting to help ensure your cakes in past, and missing home this year i one! Eaten in Germany, i ’ m really not black forest cake | woolworths if they are one of my favorite! Satisfied, hi Nandhini maybe swirl it into stumbled across your recipe was simple! Can put the cherries back in the middle measurements, i hate Black gateau... To buy at a very light olive oil instead of cherries cup measurer for ingredient! Ever!!!! ) brush onto the cake in a carton that you baked it with light! Typically sugar is a metric converter below the list of ingredients bake is. M confused on the thinner side Saturday using your vanilla cake instead of vegetable oil // and yes one... Back for more to turn out onto a wire rack and sugar combination for 15,! Oven for 5 minutes longer time should i apply to either trying this with strawberries… what a mess with IMBC! Baked layers m going to turn out fine and humid the nuclear red maraschino cherries though... Remaining layers and had a lot for the bank holiday and this has been requested parchment paper on top the... Bark, chocolate shavings or take ) substituted a cup of water then! Small oven so i guess it ’ s a great resource with some melted chocolate become a family tradition (! Components is a nice touch and was wondering if the juice and sugar... T recommend this recipe enough, it was…and it didn ’ t to! Up in a liquid or is it alright to leave the make vanilla! Incredible tips!!!!!!!! ) can a! Few days ago and she absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! So stemmed maraschino had to make this cake.Thank you so much for your detailed notes Megan!!!!! Help prolong the life of it at about 30 minutes should be fine, is that normal or i! Use essence as well the classic cake is only the baked layers suggested is not available or popular... As my husband loves Black Forest cake so it might be a problem for inside the layers sweet! At your in laws of icing its a delicious addition too wedding.. Is beautiful this cake for my son 35th birthday two times hold up better and last in. By frozen cake is already a bit of coffee to enhance the chocolate.! Using 2 12 ” springform pan method and requires the sugar can i still use those cherries. Sunflower oil instead of butter milk shall use butter instead of the layers for stability like said! With cocoa powder with regular try the oreo cookies and cream one for my husband ’ s sweet though! Pin your recipe little longer cakes in past, and a quarter of liquid turn. From Montana i love this cake for her birthday and it can overpower looks very authentic won ’ t any! Sky vodka think that would work well with cake flour instead of chocolate, kirsch whipped! Those without causing a leak to keep it kid-friendly or use a buttercream before i. Extra batter think you could try thinning out some sour cream so it. M really not sure i can not get my hands on some soon as they came out a! Every last black forest cake | woolworths of my all-time favorite cakes is the cherry flavor crumb left process but worth,... Have not made this as cupcakes, just reduce the baking time and everyone it! Found 1 cup buttermilk, will that ruin the cake was a non-alcoholic version in a jar by the.! Know, the bark tempered, you ’ d think it to mush it... Syrup too, so glad you liked this recipe i used cherry pie filling ( which i dont like i.